Ticketing Fees

There are 2 different types of fees associated with Eventfinda tickets:

- The outside/booking fee is charged to the customer

- The credit card fee is 1.3% and promoters will typically pass this along to the customer


The breakdown of Booking Fees per ticket is as follows:

$0.01 – 19.00: $1.00

$19.01 – 49.00: $1.50

$49.01 – 99.00: $2.00

$99.01 - 199.00: $3.00

$199+: $5


This is how the fees are set up automatically so if you need them moved around (i.e. you'd like to absorb the Booking Fee) please let us know after you set the event up and we'll change them. Please email ticketing@eventfinda.com.au for changes.

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