How to create merchandise items for sale

If you would like to add merchandise items to your event to sell, complete the following steps.

1. Log into your Eventfinda Ticketing account at

2. Click the merchandise tab from the left-hand side menu of EventfindaTicketing


3. On the next page, your merchandise items are listed and can be edited. To add a new merchandise item, click the + merchandise button


4. From here you can add a merchandise item name, quantity available and price. Add a description of the merchandise item and pick up instructions (if required), age restrictions, on-sale and off-sale time for each item

5. Check the box to indicate whether the merchandise type is specific to a session or not. Where specific to a session, indicate the number of items available per session.


6. Scroll down to select the events the merchandise type is associated with


7. Click save merchandise type and edit image

8. Add an image to represent the merchandise item

9. Click done to publish the item

10. The merchandise type is added to the purchase process for the event. After tickets are selected the customer can select merchandise or proceed direct to check out.


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