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Q: What do I put for the location?

A:  We have created an online venue called Virtual Location. Use this one to help customers find available events. While we used to typically stay away from online events, given the current circumstances we're making some exceptions. For the Venue, please put the 'Virtual Location'.


Q: What platforms do you allow streaming content from?

A: We provide access via Eventfinda to stream content from YouTube and Vimeo.


Q: What set up is required on the content?

A: Ensure the content is ‘Unlisted’ so that it cannot be viewed outside of the ticket purchase process. 

** Things to consider when deciding to create a streaming event
- is this content that isn’t already publicly available - if it is why would people pay for it?
- what time period is this content available for?


Q: I want customers to view this content multiple times during a selected time-period. How do I set this up?

A: Content is available during the period you load as your SESSION on Eventfinda. If you wish the content to be available to view for a month then add two Sessions into your Listing:
First Session being the content start date/time, for example: 7 April 6pm
Second Session being the content close date/time, for example: 5 May 6pm
During the Eventfinda moderation process these sessions will be updated into 1 month long running session


Q: Will I need to send the link to customers or is it done automatically? 

A: When you add the streaming URL to the session, the link will be sent to the customers automatically. 


Q: What if my virtual event is on a different platform than YouTube, Vimeo or Zoom? 

A: You can still host your event and ticket with us. The best way to do this would be to setup the event as you normally would using the Virtual Location as the venue. You can add Ticketing Questions such as email addresses and phone numbers so that customers will be required to share their details with you. These details will appear when you download your Purchasers List. You will then be able to send out the link to your customers yourself. This set up is a manual process for the event organiser to action.


Q: How can I see how many tickets/streams have been purchased and validated/viewed?

A: This information can be viewed from your Eventfinda Pro account > left hand navigation menu under REPORTING > Ticket Validation. 

** The way the system works once a customer's entered their code and started streaming the episode, it's locked to that device so they can't share it with others. The code can only work on up to 3 devices.**

Q: If a customer says they are unable to view the content on the device they wish to because they have already viewed it on another device by mistake, can I reset the access code?

A: Yes, as promoter of the event you can reset the customers access codes at anytime from your Eventfinda Ticketing account. From the purchasers list on the streaming event, look up the customer in question and in their order you have access to the “Reset Code” button - click this and the code will be reset.

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