How to get my allocated seating map onto Eventfinda

You can send through the following details and have an allocated seating map added to your event. Allow a lead time of 1 week to set up a seating map

1. We will require you to send through the following details so that we can accurately represent your seating arrangements:

  1. Detailed floor plan:
  2. Eg: premium, general admission and/or concession ticket prices
  3. Inclusive of tables
  4. Seats
  5. Stage
  6. wheelchair seats - correctly labeled and counted
  7. Emergency exits 
  8. Desired prices of different ticket tiers

2. With this information, the staff at Eventfinda will build the map in our MindaSystem and send this back to you for further checks and EventfindaTicketing approval.

3. Once the map has been finalised, Eventfinda will submit the map to the User Interface Designer to apply the map background.

4. If you require any further changes to the map once it has been finalised, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting your Event Manager or emailing us at

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