How do I set up Promo Codes for discounts for my tickets?

Promo Codes are a great way to market your event and provide special offers to your customers. You can set up unlimited Promo Codes and track the results in Eventfinda Pro, our promoters' portal.

You can select which event, which ticket type, how much of a discount, either % or $, and define the start and end dates for which the promo codes are valid and even set the total number of times a code can be used.

In Eventfinda Pro, click on the 'Events' tab on the left side of the screen and select 'Manage Ticketing' under the event name. Then select 'Promo Codes' and 'Create Promo Code' to set up a generic code (sometimes called a media code). Select 'Email Promo Codes' to send an offer to your email list and everyone gets a unique promo code via email. You can even add a personal note to the email.

Follow the easy template to create your code(s) and set all the rules.

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