How do I list a multi-day or multi-session event?

The Eventfinda system makes it easy to list a multi-day or multi-session event.

When listing your event, simply click on the green + sign next to the date and time and you can add new sessions. If your event is recurring, you can simply click the Next Day, Next Week, Next Month buttons to quickly add more dates. Be sure to confirm that the times are the same for any additional dates.

Our audience counts on Eventfinda to display absolutely accurate information about the events they wish to attend, so we insist on each day being displayed individually and not as a date range. Date ranges can often produce incorrect information because events occurring over a period of time aren't necessarily on every day (think Sundays and Public Holidays) and not always at the same time every day.

For this reason, we've developed handy ways to add more days quickly and easily.

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