Setting Booking and Processing fees in TixSuite

Booking Fees

With TixSuite you can set a unique booking fee for each ticket type or apply the same fee across all tickets. The fee amount can be set at your discretion, ranging from charging zero booking fees to an amount that covers your expenses or more. Rest assured, all booking fees are yours to keep.

Processing Fees

You also have the option to set a Processing Fee as a percentage of total booking fees. This applies to all ticket types and is set during your account set-up process. Opt for no Processing Fees or select a fee that offsets your expenses. You keep all Processing Fees collected to cover your Stripe costs.

Advice on Stripe fees

Stripe directly charges you payment processing fees, which are deducted from your collected revenue. TixSuite does not receive any portion of these Stripe fees.

Stripe charges a flat fee of 30c for each transaction, irrespective of the ticket quantity in a transaction. A percentage of the total sale is also deducted: 1.705% for domestic cards and 3.5% for international ones. See Pricing & Fees | Stripe Official Site.

Charging Booking Fees or a percentage Processing Fee isn't required, but if your aim is to offset your Stripe costs, keep in mind that your average transaction is likely just over two tickets. To cover these costs, consider applying a fee of $0.15 per ticket and a Processing Fee ranging from 1.75% to 3.5%, based on your anticipated ratio of local to international cards. 

Once operational, you'll see the combined percentage Stripe charges you, reflecting the card mix your customers use. If you decide against a Booking Fee, you can incorporate the 30c per transaction fee into your percentage fee by calculating the equivalent of about 15c as a percentage of the ticket cost. For example, 15c equates to 0.5% of a $30 ticket.

Please note that under Australian consumer laws relating to payments, your Processing Fee should accurately mirror your actual ongoing Stripe charges. However, you have the freedom to set your Booking Fees as you wish, as they help offset your costs associated with event and ticketing management.

Advice on TixSuite monthly or annual fees

​​To cover your TixSuite monthly or annual Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fees, you can choose to incorporate them into your booking fee. Simply divide your TixSuite fee by your expected monthly ticket sales and adjust your Booking Fee accordingly.

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