FAQs: Selling tickets with Eventfinda TixSuite

Why don't you charge per-ticket fees like other ticketing companies?

Historically, ticketing companies provided extensive services, justifying per-ticket fees. However, today's event organisers handle many of these tasks independently. We offer a flat-rate Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription, similar to other essential services like accounting, website hosting, or email marketing tools, to keep costs predictable and fair.

Are there no fees on tickets sold through TixSuite?

TixSuite charges no fees on tickets. Organisers can set their own booking fees, and all fees are displayed alongside the ticket price that attendees see.

Are there payment processing fees?

Payment processing fees are customisable by organisers. Align them with Stripe's competitive rates so you can cover your costs.

What about complimentary tickets?

You can distribute complimentary tickets to your guests effortlessly through the TixSuite box office system, accessible from various devices.

How do I get payment for tickets into my bank account?

TixSuite connects with your Stripe account to facilitate seamless direct deposits into your designated bank account.

How long will I have to wait for funds?

Typically, you'll receive your funds within 1-3 days after each ticket sale, with the first payout taking a bit longer. Check your Stripe dashboard for precise payout details.

Must I charge booking fees?

The choice to implement booking fees is entirely yours. You can opt not to charge them, making your event tickets more accessible to a broader audience.

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