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How do I set up ticketing for my event?

Eventfinda's Ticketing Services are designed to put control of ticketing back in your hands.

To get started, simply go the the Eventfinda Pro Add Event page and once you have the basic details of your event completed, simply select Eventfinda as your ticket agent and you can set-up your own ticketing — including pricing, early-bird sales and inventory numbers.

Our Ticketing Managers review every submission to make sure you get the most out of the system as possible and then publish your event with ticketing enabled. No more waiting for days to get your event "built" in old-style ticketing systems. It's all online, paperless and fast.

Once published, you'll be able to login to Eventfinda Pro at any time to view your sales, set up new tickets or new sessions, use the marketing tools for promo codes and complimentary tickets and see your purchasers' details.

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